Friday, April 17, 2015

Fresh Echo-Nugget to Guitar Player Magazine!

We've just shipped off a fresh "Echo-Nugget" to Guitar Player Magazine for a product review!
We feel confident that after giving the new vacuum tube delay a good test drive they will find the same results that the other major magazines have found... the warmth and over all tone of our vacuum tube processor is hard to beat!
The Crucial Audio Apollo-18 Vacuum Tube Interface Module is one step closer to production.

We just received the first article chassis, and the updated PC Boards should be here in less than 2 weeks! There is still some time left to contact us if you would like to save some money and get in on the pre-orders.Thank you for your patience and support to those who have placed pre-orders with us. The wait is almost over!

Mike Emerson just gave The Apollo 18 (R&D) another run for it's money at the latest "Petty Theft" show at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma and I had the pleasure of Engineering the house mix once again. Mike has been running his Nord organ through the Apollo 18 and one of the most amazing things about this new vacuum tube interface is the warmth that the unit creates, It really helps shape the overall sound and gives it a much warmer and richer sound that only tubes could create!
(Randy Teaford)
Thanks & Praises
Steve Kollander

Catch the Echo-Nugget on tour!

Jose' Neto of  "The Steve Winwood Band" hits the
road with his "Echo-Nugget"for their Spring Tour 2015.
                         Steven Drodz                                                                               Matt Silva
                    "The Flaming Lips"                                                                   Bay Area Guitarist
      Jose' Neto
       The Steve Winwood Band
Watch for our reviews and check out all of the hand
crafted vacuum tube products at Crucial Audio LLC!
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