Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get ready East Coast here comes Crucial Audio!

Our new HQ in Delaware will be open this summer!

After a decade in Sonoma County as the premier electronics repair shop we're making
the leap to the world of specialized repairs and the product manufacturing of our personal
line of vacuum tube products. ie, The Echo-Nugget, The Time Warp and the new Apollo 18.

The world is growing smaller and you wont have to look to far to still be in touch with us.
The sales and service of our products will only expand and the quality of our service that
you have grown to appreciate will always be the same!

While we are no longer taking in repairs here at Crucial Audio we are gearing up for our big
move to Delaware and looking forward to hearing from you in the future. You can always stay
in touch through our web site @ www.Crucial Audio.com and of course of product facebook links.

Crucial Audio facebook page


The Echo-Nugget facebook page

The Time Warp facebook page
The New Apollo 18 Vacuum Tube Interface

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